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Roxbury Park

Our age-appropriate, fun-filled classes are held at Roxbury Park every weekday 9.30am to 4.30pm for 6 month olds to 8-year-olds. 

The classes are all led by one of our senior coaches in the beautifully landscaped green spaces which provide not only ample space for our Mini Bouncers to run and play but an idillic setting for parents and caregivers to enjoy too.

Many of our clients join with friends and stay for picnic lunches after class – enjoying the water stream and seating areas at Coldwater and all the fabulous facilities such as the walking trail and lawn bowling area at Roxbury.

To ensure we maintain our quality service of premium coaching and specialized attention, we have a strict cap on all our classes and space is subject to availability.

See our programs below and and visit to see the schedule and register today!

If you have any questions, please call the City of Beverly Hills Registration Office at 310-285-6850 or email for assistance.

Registration opens on August 8th for Beverly Hills residents and August 15th for non-residents


(walkers to 23 months)

Come let your tiny explorers develop and test their fundamental physical developmental milestones with our age appropriate obstacle courses, sports related games, cool tunes, bubble fun, parachute time and more! 

In this eight-week session your child will further develop and strengthen their gross motor muscles, leadership skills, balance and core strength through our fun, ever-changing obstacle course designs, activities, games and light sports.


(2 to 3 year olds)

Our Tumbler class is designed to build confidence in your growing toddler. 

We use our obstacle course designs to encourage your little ones to step a little faster, climb just a little higher and to jump a little further.

We use sports-related games to introduce new skills while working on their balance, agility and awareness.

Its time for your toddler to not only push your patience but to push their physical limits too!


(6 months to walkers)

This class is perfect for your little one who is just discovering their new ability to navigate their environment. We set up a soft play age-appropriate obstacle course for your baby to explore during this session which also includes circle time, puppet shows, sensory play and music!

This class will focus on developing both fine and gross motor skills, socialization as well as musical timing and rhythm. It’s also a great opportunity for moms, dads and caregivers to make new friends too! 



A PE class – with the Bounce twist! This class will emphasize playing organized games and sports all while having fun and teaching the little gamers to compete in group and team settings. Great for post pre-schoolers wanting to get their energy out after nap time!

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