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LA High Memorial Park

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Set just south of Hancock Park, Bounce, LA High Memorial Park is a beautiful neighborhood park located in the Mid-Wilshire area.

With a library, restrooms, a large playground, ample street parking and lots of shaded green space, it’s the perfect location for families with young children to enjoy our Bounce classes. 

Grab lunch after class from one of the many restaurants nearby, or even better, bring a picnic!

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(walkers to 23 months)

Come let your tiny explorers develop and test their fundamental physical developmental milestones with our age appropriate obstacle courses, sports related games, cool tunes, bubble fun, parachute time and more! 

In this eight-week session your child will further develop and strengthen their gross motor muscles, leadership skills, balance and core strength through our fun, ever-changing obstacle course designs, activities, games and light sports.


(2 to 3 year olds)

Our Tumbler class is designed to build confidence in your growing toddler. 

We use our obstacle course designs to encourage your little ones to step a little faster, climb just a little higher and to jump a little further.

We use sports-related games to introduce new skills while working on their balance, agility and awareness.

Its time for your toddler to not only push your patience but to push their physical limits too!

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