LA's No. 1 Kids Gym

What's the hype?

We are so pleased and impressed with Bounce LA! The back office is always so responsive, helpful, and polite! They’re always available to answer any and all questions. Coach Ace and his coaches are incredibly enthusiastic and engaging! They bring such a fun and exciting class to our home and each child has the absolute best time. The parents and kids look forward to his class every week! We love Bounce and look forward to many more fun years with them!”
Tracey Engleson
I cannot rave enough about Coach Ace and the entire Bounce team! There are a variety of activities provided and the love Coach Ace has for kids is what makes the kids so drawn to him. My son has never loved a class or a coach more! They were exceptional especially during this pandemic and were extremely thorough with the cleaning in between classes. If you want to sign your child up for any class, this would be the one!
Caroline Ghiam
Bounce is #1! The coaches are all fantastic and the engagement with the kids is top notch. They bring great obstacles and equipment out each week, and switch it up class to class in order to keep it fresh. Our son absolutely loves Bounce and looks forward to every class! LA needed Bounce and we are so lucky to be a part of the Bounce family!
Sarah Lowry
Bounce has been the most amazing presence in my son's life. He (and us) looks forward to our weekly classes and it's been so wonderful to watch him grow and develop with each and every class. Coach Ace's energy is contagious and the smile on all the kids' faces throughout the entire class is priceless. In fact, my son loves class so much that we had Bounce at his second birthday and many of our guests remarked that it was the best entertainment they've ever seen at a kids birthday party. Moreover, the entire BounceLA is an absolute joy to work with; accommodating, professional, FUN and most of all, they truly care about each and every one of their clients.
Gavin Kliger
Hands down the best outdoor experience for kids in LA! Bounce is the premium experience with the X factor. If you want top notch coaches, quality programs and to watch your kids faces light up like never before, chose Bounce.
Owen Beiny
We hosted a birthday party with Bounce for a very high-profile client and they were incredible from start to finish. Hard working, great customer service, amazing coaches and professional excellence ensured our client was absolutely thrilled with the party. Especially after the past year, it is such an honor and privilege to work with the greatest event professionals in the world.
Claire Davis
CEO Harper Sloane Productions
Bounce day is easily the best day of the week for the students at our school! With their energized coaches and engaging programing, you really cannot go wrong with the bounce team! So much fun that even the teachers feel the urge to join in!
Westside JCC Preschool
Eliza’s Bounce birthday party was the best and more than we even imagined. The list of people who told us it was the best kids party ever keeps getting longer and it’s all the great energy and fun that Bounce bought.
Chelsea Armstrong
Bounce made our 5 year old’s birthday party truly epic! The ninja obstacle course was such an amazing experience. Unique, show-stopping and team Bounce was incredibly professional. It was wonderful watching the kids have a blast and Coach Ace was awesome. Thank you for making such a memorable experience!
Susan Ruffino
We absolutely love love bounce and all 3 kids look forward to it every week!! No matter the age, it’s fantastic for all. We love you guys and we just adore all your coaches. They are the bomb! Monday bounce for life!!
Deborah Shainfeld
We had an amazing experience with Coach Ace and Coach Mina at our daughter's 3rd birthday party. They engaged the kids the whole time with tons of fun games and activities. All the kids had a blast. The whole Bounce team was so wonderful to work with - I can't recommend them highly enough!
Jenny Goldberg
Bounce and Coach Ace have been a true blessing for our family during the pandemic. Coach Ace always bring so much energy, positivity and fun to every session. We started with group sessions and added one-on-one’s since our son loved the activities so much. Coach Ace is always ready to switch it up based on the mood and energy levels of the kids, as well as challenge them and instill confidence with each new skill learned. He has helped my son learn new sports skills, as well as bringing him out of shell with each session. Bounce is incredibly accommodating and expedient with scheduling and designing a program for individuals and groups. Louisa can’t be beat. Thank you Bounce for making life more fun!”
Hilary Michael
My six year old son has had semi private lessons with Coach Ace for several months. He absolutely loves the class and Coach Ace. I love the class too, as I see that my son is receiving high quality technical instruction in several sports. More importantly, however, I see that my son is learning about sportsmanship and self motivation. The skills he learns will stay with him for a long time.
Dafna Hopenstand
We absolutely love Bounce!! Coach Ace is so engaging and my kids absolutely adore him. Both my daughter and son have been coming here since they could crawl. The classes grow with your kids and now, as toddlers, my kids are more excited than ever to come to class and play. Every class is so different and exciting and the kids are always learning or doing something new. Highly recommend for all kids !
Ghazall Tahour
We love working with Bounce. They always show up on time with great activities to keep our campers moving, having fun and engaged. They have been a great partner and I would recommend them to anyone looking for caring, knowledgeable and caring staff.
Edana Appel
JCamp Co-ordinator
Ace and the Bounce LA team came through in a big way for our son's 2nd birthday party. He showed up in his Dodger T-Shirt to support the party theme! Ace's tireless energy and amazing variety of activities made this the most fun day for our little guy and his friends. For us parents, the best part about the day was watching our kids having a blast!
Erica Forsyth
We love Bounce! We have done weekly classes, birthday parties and special events with Bounce with kids ranging from 18 months to 10 years old. Everyone is always thrilled with the class and has the best time. The activities, the music and the energy of the coaches is always fantastic.
Jamie Flesh