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Each 50-minute class is led by one of our senior coaches all trained by our founder and Head Coach, Coach Ace, who has developed an award-winning curriculum to suit each stage of a child’s development.

From early walkers taking their first steps to older kids wanting to hone their athletic and sporting prowess, Bounce offers a wide range of activities to suit every age -and every skill set.

Our coaches bring a variety of equipment – which is sanitized before and after each session – to offer the best outdoor gym experience.

Each week, your child will learn a new skill and play a game using that skill. With obstacle courses to sports-centered activities, fun-filled games, gymnastics and bubble extravaganzas, Bounce has your Mini Bouncer covered!

Our age-appropriate, fun-filled classes are held at Annenberg Beach House, De Neve Square, Cheviot Hills, Woodbridge Park and LA High Memorial Park every weekday 9.30am to 4.45pm for 6 month olds to 8-year-olds.

The classes are all led by our team of highly-skilled coaches in the beautifully landscaped green spaces which provide not only ample space for our Mini Bouncers to run and play but an idyllic setting for parents and caregivers to enjoy too.

To ensure we maintain our quality service of premium coaching and specialized attention, we have a strict cap on all our classes and space is subject to availability.

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