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Our Mascot

Chewy The Toy Poodle is our trusted Bounce mascot.

She’s our very own 9-year-old pup who loves to greet our Mini Bouncers and often makes a surprise appearance at classes too.

Mascots provide a positive influence for children in a number of ways – from creating a friendly, approachable environment to help them feel more comfortable and receptive to classes to giving them a buddy to increase confidence and provide encouragement.

Chewy has a healthy diet filled with protein and vegetables. Her favorite meal is chicken, sweet potato and broccoli which she encourages her two-legged sisters to enjoy to help fuel them with the right nutrients to play and build strong bones.

She also loves to exercise and play with her friends. She also sits and stays on command which her two-legged sisters are still learning the fundamentals of!

You’ll see Chewy on our vans so don’t forget to wave when you see her on the road!


Stay tuned for the Chewy Bears coming soon so your Mini Bouncers can have their own Chewy’s at home with them.

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