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Coming to Malibu and Laguna Beach, January 2023

"The Best Outdoor Gym Experience For Kids In LA"

Why Bounce?

LA’s NO.1 kids gym offers private at-home classes, park programs, summer camps, sports coaching, birthday parties and more!

Balance and core strength make up the physical philosophy of what we do at Bounce as well as focusing on the overall social and emotional development of the child by giving them key skills they can practice in their everyday lives.

From confidence building – encouraging Mini Bouncers to push past their comfort zones – to honing their leadership skills and encouraging socialization, our programs focus on the whole child by not only aiding their physical development, but enabling their mental growth and overall wellbeing.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ class at Bounce. Each session is approached by our coaches in a way that allows the energy and personality of the group to dictate the flow, the activities and even how those activities are taught.

At Bounce we see the individual in the group. We believe in nurturing each child – showing that child how much the group benefits from their individuality.

Our bespoke, premium classes and our passionate and highly-skilled coaches is what gives Bounce it’s ‘X factor’. Our staff embody the Bounce culture and aim to inspire, motivate and empower our Mini Bouncers and the wider community at large with our programs.

What We Offer

From early walkers taking their first steps to older kids wanting to hone their athletic and sporting prowess, Bounce offers a wide range of activities to suit every age -and every skill set.
With our coaches being former athletes, they have a wealth of skill-set and specialties to ensure your Mini Bouncer gets the added assistance he or she needs to thrive in their chosen sport.

We come to your home or favorite park, with all our equipment and lead all the fun-filled games and activities to ensure the party guests are entertained from start to finish.

Registration is officially open for LA High Memorial Park

Meet The Team

Head Coach & Co Founder

Assistant Head Coach

Senior Coach


Senior Coach

Senior Coach
Assistant Coach/Assistant Head of Operations

Lead Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach

COE – Chief of Everything

Assistant Program Director/Head of Operations

Finance Director

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Non-Executive Chairman

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Every adventure requires a first step

Every adventure requires a first step

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